Frequently asked questions

All Risks Insurance is fully comprehensive cover which includes loss, accidental damage and theft. Find out more here

Theft from unattended vehicles is limited to £5,000 if there
is no manufacturers approved alarm, this increases to £15,000
if there is an approved alarm installed

Yes, you can make changes by either calling the office or sending an email.

Yes, it is covered on a Worldwide basis. However, this will exclude any areas of conflict.

An equipment list is not mandatory however we would kindly advise one is submitted.

Yes, this can also include second hand values

The standard excess is £200, £500 theft from vehicles

If you need to make a claim please contact the office by telephone 0208 659 5038 or email.

This relates to equipment you may of hired in. In the event of a claim a supplier would expect there loss of earnings to be reimbursed.

You can pay in full, by 3 installments or by Direct Debit.

Through Premium Credit there is a 5% charge, however Hiscox have an interest free facility.

Hiscox & Chubb

The Production Insurance will indemnify you for damages on related costs that you become legally liable to pay in respect of bodily injury, property damage or nuisance caused by an occurrence in connection with your business.

The Production Insurance will indemnify you for damages and related claims that you become legally liable to pay in respect of bodily injury sustained by an employee arising out of and in the course of their employment by you and caused by an occurrence in connection with your business.

You will need to take out Employers Liability if you have an employee.

A professional indemnity policy is designed to protect against any errors & omissions that may be made, and includes extensions that are very important for creative professionals, such as breach of Infringement of intellectual property rights including copyright infringement, or any misappropriation of musical compositions, graphic material, or artwork.

We would always recommend professional indemnity. Claims relating to copyright and intellectual property are on the increase. It’s very easy for a third party to bring an allegation of negligence or breach of intellectual property, even if they grounds for doing so are unfounded. Professional indemnity would provide a legal defence in such instances.

We do not charge Administration fees however an increase in cover may result in an additional premium due.

I've been dealing with Williamson Carson for over 20 years having been introduced to them through the Association of Photographers of which I'm a member. When I've had a claim, however complex, it has been dealt with quickly and efficiently and they very much work for you. They really understand the industry and just happen to be a great bunch of people to deal with.

– Larry Bray

Tom Carson & Williamson Carson have been my insurance brokers for over 15 years. The advice and cover they provides is both comprehensive and realistic. Tom's many years insuring the photographic and film industry means he is never fazed when I throw him last minute curve balls on shoots & on the 2 occasions I have needed my insurance it was dealt with swiftly & professionally. I highly recommend Tom and his team.

– Katy Niker, Burnham Niker