As one of the most popular social media channels globally, we all know about TikTok’s appeal, but do you know how to use it to help your business? It should not be overlooked as a marketing tool. The platform experiences rapid growth (with over one billion active users monthly) representing a highly effective platform for reaching a large audience with short videos that encourage heightened engagement. 

Here are some of the ways using TikTok can help businesses: 

1. Increase brand awareness: TikTok helps you to create a community and following for your brand, allowing you to expand your audience and find niche members. 

2. Build engaged communities: TikTok is a personal platform and makes it easy for creators to interact with their audiences. Furthermore, TikTok has recently added a stories feature (like Instagram Stories) that heightens interactions. 

3. Sell products and services: Links are easy to embed in creator bios and the introduction of the TikTok shop allows videos to contain links making products easily accessible. 

4. Get feedback from customers and audiences: Settings on TikTok make it extremely easy to access creator analytics, also the comments make feedback easy to see. 

5. Provide customer service: As well as easy audience interaction, features such as Q&A’s make widespread answers easy to access. 

6. Advertise products and services to target audiences: TikTok’s algorithm looks at your specific interests right now, making it easier to reach your niche audience, gain traction and a loyal following much more effectively than Facebook or Instagram. 

Lastly, a note about insurance. Please never forget your Professional Indemnity cover – this is often for claims resulting from negligence but also covers matters such as breach of intellectual property, copyright infringement and breach of confidentiality. Having adequate cover in place protects you, whether that’s related to your social media content or otherwise.

Next time we’ll take a deeper dive into how to weave TikTok into your marketing activities.


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