We are often asked by photographers and production companies whether there is any cover for Covid-19 under photographic or media production policies. Currently there is no cover available in the insurance market for cancellation or abandonment of a shoot as a result of Covid-19. 

However, the employers and public liability sections do not exclude Covid-19. Therefore, if an employee sued you saying they caught Covid-19 on your shoot due to your negligence then the employers’ liability policy would defend you. Likewise, if a third party sued you claiming they caught Covid-19 on your shoot due to your negligence, then your public liability policy would defend you.

Remember on any shoot that you are responsible for, the safety and wellbeing of your employees (and third parties) is your responsibility. So, when it comes to Covid-19 it’s important you follow government and industry (e.g. AOP or APA) guidelines.


Although Covid-19 is not covered for the cancellation of shoots, there ARE many other reasons that would result in the cancellation of a shoot that we CAN cover such as:

  • Cast. We can cover the cost to reshoot following the loss of the photography team and anyone essential to the shoot in your budget due to death, accident or sickness.
  • Production Media. We can cover the cost to reshoot following damage to production media e.g. fogging, faulty cameras, accidental erasure/exposure or faulty processing (including computer software).
  • Extra Expenses. We can cover the cost to reshoot following loss, theft or damage of essential equipment, props or location.

We hope that helps clarify the situation. Do get in touch if you have a query we can help with.


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