What is a photographic hired equipment cover policy?

A Hired Equipment Policy with Cover Equipment not belonging to you that you rent on a temporary basis:

Why do I need photographic hired equipment cover?

  • Hire Companies will not allow you to hire their photographic equipment without proof of insurance from either them or another photography insurance company.
  • Hire Companies Insurance is normally expensive, and it is likely to be more cost effective for you to insure yourself.
  • Hired Equipment would not normally be covered automatically under your “Own Equipment” cover.  You would require a specific “Hired in Cover”.
  • It is your responsibility to insure equipment in your custody.

What do I need to make sure is covered by my photographic insurance?

  • You need to get confirmation of the full value of the equipment (not the hire fee/cost) from the Hire Company to be sure you have it insured for the correct value.
  • You need to notify your Insurers that you are hiring photographic equipment and require Hired Equipment Cover.
  • You must make sure the cover includes Loss of Hire Cover, as the Hire Company will expect to be reimbursed for any time they are without the equipment following a claim.

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