Calling all photographers and production companies! Did you know? When hiring equipment from a hire company, you are responsible for insuring said equipment. That insurance must include 13 weeks ‘Loss of Hire’ cover, which compensates the hire company for lost income should the equipment be unavailable for hire due to loss or damage whilst in your possession. 

Some hire companies may offer their own insurance (although this can be expensive) but the majority don’t so it will be your responsibility to insure.  

Your options are; to insure hired equipment on an annual basis, job by job basis, or you could insure a lower amount on an annual basis and increase it on a job by job basis for higher amounts.  

If you require cover for larger amounts (say in excess of £50,000) insurers are likely to want to know certain details, such as: 

  • Dates you will have the equipment 
  • Are you responsible for collecting and returning the equipment (or will the hire company be responsible for transit to and from the location)  
  • Will there be any hazardous use of the equipment e.g. shooting at heights, rigged to cars, underwater, from planes, boats, helicopters etc   
  • Where will the equipment be kept overnight and when not being used 
  • Security where the equipment will be kept overnight and when not in use    


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