We understand how precious a photographer’s equipment is. If the worst should happen and anything gets broken, damaged or is stolen we realise how stressful that can be and how important it is to resolve the situation quickly and without fuss. We’re always keen to reduce stress.

We’ve put together some frequently asked questions for you regarding photography kit. We hope it’s useful.  

Is my equipment covered as part of my photography insurance policy? 

If you have a photography insurance with us then yes, we can insure the following on an all risks basis: 

• Photographic Technical Equipment

• Props, Set, Wardrobe

• Office Contents

• Library Stock

• Mobile Communication Property

Read more about All risks insurance here.

Will my equipment be covered for a shoot abroad? 

Our policies cover you worldwide, apart from areas of conflict, and areas with UK and US trade sanctions (eg Russia).  If you are travelling to a high risk location it is always advisable to discuss this with your insurer, and always check the wording on your policy. 

Will my equipment be covered on a non-work related trip either abroad or in the UK?

Yes, our policies cover you worldwide apart from areas of conflict and areas with UK and US trade sanctions, whether that’s a work related trip or a holiday. Read more about working abroad as a photographer here.

Some of my equipment is hired, some is borrowed and some is owned by me, will it all be covered?

When hiring equipment from a hire company, you are responsible for insuring said equipment. That insurance must include 13 weeks ‘Loss of Hire’ cover, which compensates the hire company for lost income should the equipment be unavailable for hire due to loss or damage whilst in your possession. 

Some hire companies may offer their own insurance (although this can be expensive) but the majority don’t so it will be your responsibility to insure.  

We advise that you insure any borrowed equipment along with your own owned equipment, particularly if borrowing it for an extended length of time. 

Read more about insuring hired equipment here.

Do I need to provide you with an equipment list? 

An equipment list is not strictly mandatory but it’s best practice to submit one. Having an up-to-date list in place makes the claim process much, much quicker and smoother for you should the worst happen.

What is ‘new for old’ insurance?

A short but extremely important phase, ‘new for old’ simply means that if your equipment is broken, damaged or stolen, it will be replaced with the latest, state of the art models, even if it’s out of date and obsolete.  

The photographic insurance we offer via our photographic insurance scheme provides new for old cover as standard providing the values you have submitted are the new replacement values. You should ensure the values insured are sufficient to cover replacement at today’s prices. Read more about ‘new for old’ insurance here.

What else can I do to avoid risks?

  • Carry out a risk assessment for your working environment. Identifying your potential risks helps to focus your mind on how you might prevent them. 
  • Store your equipment safely. Large, heavy and unwieldy equipment comes with the territory for photographers. Ensure you secure cables, lighting stands and rolls of Colorama carefully to avoid unnecessary accidents and breakages. 
  • PAT test your electrical equipment. Check everything is in working order, look for signs of wear and tear, or exposed wires. Set a reminder in your calendar to ensure this happens regularly. 

How can I make a claim?

You can make a claim by contacting us on 0208 659 5038 or email queries@williamson-carson.co.uk one of our team will be ready to help you. 


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