Some photographers mistakenly think that because Public Liability covers damage to third party property, it includes Props, Sets & Wardrobe (P, S & W).  Be warned, this is not the case.  

When P, S & W are in your possession and under your care, custody and control they are excluded from Public Liability policies.  

Insuring P, S & W is usually the responsibility of the photographer or stylist, and needs to be covered under the Props, Sets & Wardrobe (or Goods in Trust) section of an All Risks Commercial Photographers’ policy (or a Media Production policy).  

P, S & W can be covered on an annual basis, a job by job basis or you may prefer to cover a smaller amount on an annual basis but increase on a job by job basis as and when higher amounts are required. 

When a particularly large or expensive set build arises, you should run it past your insurers in advance. Similarly, do get in touch with your insurers to discuss any outdoor set builds that are open to the elements. It is also worth remembering most policies will have a maximum sum insured for antiques, art objects, jewellery, furs, precious stones and the like.  Wherever such items are being used in a shoot this should also be run past the insurers.  

For larger sums insured, insurers will want to know: 

  • Dates you will have the P, S & W 
  • Whether you are responsible for collecting or returning the P, S & W (or will the hire company be responsible for transit to and from location) 
  • Where the P, S & W will be kept overnight and when not in use 

It is worth remembering that hire studios, locations and location houses are covered under the Public Liability Insurance. 


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