We pride ourselves on helping you to get exactly the right cover for your needs, and avoid unnecessary stress. We find that there is often some confusion between Professional Indemnity and Production Insurance. We’re going to explain just how different they are. 

Professional Indemnity insurance

Professional indemnity Insurance covers you and your employees (whether they are permanent or freelance staff) in cases of professional negligence. These tend to be matters within your control

The instances of negligence in the photography industry may vary from:

Mistakes made by you while carrying out work for a client, for example, if a shoot does not meet the expectations of a brief. 

Breaches of intellectual property and copyright. For example, cases where an image, or piece of music have been used by you in error without obtaining the necessary clearances. 

Losing documents or data. If you lose confidential information belonging to a client this could result in a breach of confidentiality claim.

Production Insurance

Production Insurance/re-shoot is for matters outside your control

Some instances of claims may vary from: 

Computer and photographic equipment being damaged during a shoot, resulting in postponement or delays.

A piece of kit is stolen, interrupting production. 

The unexpected cancellation of a production. 

Corruption of digital images during or shortly after production that you have not had time to back up.

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