It seems that everyone nowadays needs Public Liability Insurance from Architects to Zoo Keepers. How do you know if your public liability insurance is fit for purpose? Below we have highlighted some key points to ensure your public liability is right for your business as a photographer.

Key elements that your Photographic Public Liability Insurance must have

  • You need to make sure that your Policy is not an Office type policy that restricts the Public Liability to premises only. You need a policy that affords you cover on locations and studios worldwide (Be aware that most Public Liability Policies will exclude the USA/Canada and areas currently in conflict. If you need to go to any of these places your policy will most likely need to be extended).
  • Although Hired Equipment and Props, Sets & Wardrobe are Third Party property they are NOT covered under your Public Liability Cover. They are considered to be under your Care, Custody & Control, therefore, you would require one of the following:
  1. Hired Equipment Cover
  2. Props, Sets & Wardrobe Cover
  3. Goods in Transit Cover
  • Be aware that most public liability insurance policies for photographers will include a hazardous filming exclusion. In most cases hazardous filming will not be defined. If you are undertaking higher risk filming, you should ensure those shoots are approved by your insurers. In most cases hazardous filming will be accepted provided you are able to document you have undertaken a thorough risk assessment. If you require any assistance with undertaking a risk assessment, please do not hesitate to contact us. Please note, the HSE also provides guidance on the following link. Whilst this is aimed at TV and Film, it equally applies to high risk photographic shoots.

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