Did you know that public liability is usually triggered by negligence. A Tom & Jerry style slip on a banana peel? Falling on a wet surface? A cup of tea knocked over a client’s laptop? These could all result in a claim.  

Public liability protects businesses of all sizes, across all industries. It covers any clients or members of the public who claim they’re injured or whose property is damaged because of your business activities. 

Your public liability policy covers any compensation costs, plus where there have been legal proceedings it covers the cost of your legal defence and any settlement payouts. 

Public liability cover levels are in the millions because compensation could take into consideration the third party’s loss of earnings, medical costs and ongoing care costs. 

It’s also worth knowing that some organisations require you to have a certain level of public liability insurance in place. So a policy not only protects you from mishaps but can help pave the way for new business opportunities too. 

Having dealt with photographers for over 40 years we remember when locations and studios only required Public Liability for £500,000. 

Over the years this has crept up to £1,000,000, then £2,000,000 and then for the majority of locations £5,000,000 became the norm. Many organisations such as local councils, train stations, Canary Wharf, Covent Garden and numerous studios and locations now insist on £10,000,000.  

We can increase your Public Liability to £10,000,000 as a one-off.  But if you are increasingly being asked for £10,000,000 it might be better value to add annually rather than keep incurring additional one-off costs.  


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