With so many different avenues available to budding filmmakers and directors trying to get noticed in the world of advertising it can be daunting knowing where to start.

Here’s our run down of the effective ways of being seen if you’re in the world of advertising production. It’s worth noting that these principles are the same for many creatives trying to share their work and be seen in a crowded market.  

What’s different about you? 

Before we get started let’s take a moment to think about how unique your work is. It’s vital that what you create is original. Whatever your specific field, create a short film, reel or graphics in YOUR style. You want to stand out, so make sure your style is recognisable. This shows that you have spent time honing your aesthetic, and ensures that your work will be memorable. 

Use digital platforms

The internet is the obvious place to start. Once you’ve created your content, show it off, build a following. Doing this yourself means you have 100% control over your output, and can spend time engaging with your audience – a hugely valuable exercise. Whatever job you want in the industry, having your work online shows your commitment and skill. 

Work your way up

Most of us need to earn a living while pursuing the long term career goal of filmmaking. Make sure you get your foot in the door,  this often means starting off as a runner, work hard and keep taking every opportunity that arises. Be inquisitive, super keen and you’ll learn from everyone in the room. You can climb through the ranks this way but don’t forget to keep making your own work in your spare time.   

Screen your work to a live audience

Showing your work to a live audience is an invaluable exercise. Seeing their reaction will improve your films or portfolios pieces, particularly the edit. 

Film festivals 

For filmmakers and directors this is key. We are lucky that there are so many festivals now. Submit your work into as many festivals as you can – then hope someone will love it and give you a shot.


Networking is key in this industry. We often isolate ourselves in these competitive silos. But really jobs are often secured through word of mouth, so having a lot of relevant contacts is everything.  Get yourself out there, join the online industry groups, attend screenings, talks and film festivals, support your peers, be an active and engaged part of the industry. Have a voice, have an opinion and be a positive force. This will build your reputation and help you make contacts – you never know when that will translate into a new role. 

All this takes a lot of patience and tenacity but do keep going, work hard, stay positive and good luck!

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