If you’re planning a photographic shoot or production that will take place in the US, we’ve put together some frequently asked questions which will help you be well prepared and keep your business running smoothly. 

  • What is different about Production & Photographic Insurance policies in the USA?

If you have a production or shoot in the USA (or Canada for that matter), it is worth remembering that a lot of American production insurance documents are different to ours in the UK, with different certificates, policy wordings and terminology.

  • What is ‘General Liability’? 

This is what we refer to as public liability in the UK. 

  • What is ‘Workers’ Compensation’? 

This is what we refer to as employers’ liability in the UK. 

  • What are ‘Errors and Omissions’?

This is what we refer to as professional indemnity in the UK. 

  • Can American residents or citizens be covered under my British employers’ liability insurance policy? 

Sadly not, no. When you employ an American citizen for a shoot that takes place in the USA, you would be required to take out an American Workers’ compensation policy. It is the same for productions and shoots in Canada when employing Canadian nationals. 

For more information regarding workers’ compensation and employers’ liability in the USA please click here:  https://www.williamsoncarson.co.uk/usa-production-insurance-workers-compensation-employers-liability/

  • Am I covered in the USA or Canada?

Photographers and production policies often exclude USA and Canada from the public liability cover. Insurers will generally extend your policy for the period you are in the US and/or Canada upon prior notification. Professional indemnity policies will often also have an exclusion for claims made in US or Canadian courts. You can purchase an extension to your policy to cover this.

  • Who do I need to share my insurance policy with? 

For photographic shoots or productions taking place in the USA or Canada, it is common for American locations, studios, local councils, authorities or hire companies to require notification on your production public or general liability policy.

  • What are ‘additional insureds’? 

For American productions, it is common for studios and hire companies to want to be noted on your property or production hired equipment policies as loss parties or additional insureds.

If this is the case contact your insurance providers with plenty of time to spare, as documentation can take a few days to be drawn up in order to meet US requirements. 

  • Are there any other considerations? 

Be prepared early! When shooting in the US or Canada, it is wise to get all your documentation cleared in plenty of time, to avoid the risk of your shoot being delayed or cancelled due to bureaucracy, should a problem arise with your UK insurance documents.



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