Amy Lidgett is a London based fashion and portrait photographer. Amy’s clients include Asos, Very Exclusive, Dahlia, Olive & Frank, Beaumont Organic, Lola May, Meem Label. Her work has been featured in Wonderland, Indie Magazine, Material Girl Magazine, Sicky Magazine, Teeth Magazine, The Ones 2 Watch, Sunday Girl Magazine, Bricks Magazine, Noctis Magazine 

How did you get started as a photographer?

I started back in college in art class. My tutor suggested I try out photography for one of my projects. I then spoke to my dad about it and he had an Olympus OM-10 which he let me borrow. Putting a strong emphasis on the word borrow as it was his 21st birthday present. 10 years later and I still have his camera. Sorry dad. 

Did you always want to specialise in fashion?

Yes, I actually wanted to be a fashion designer originally. But when I got introduced to photography I fell in love and realised I could merge them both together. For my first project I recreated a few of David Bailey’s iconic photos including his shot of Mick Jagger.

How has your style changed over time?

It changed a lot when I moved from 35mm to medium format. And I’ve become more obsessed with colour over the years and that now plays such a big part in my work.

What has helped you become the photographer you are today?

I guess curiosity has helped. Always trying new ideas, being open to learning every time I shoot.

Tell us about a standout project/commission?

I just got commissioned to shoot actor Emma Mackey for Tidal magazine and that was really fun. I can’t share the images yet as the magazine isn’t published until Spring.  Another standout commission was shooting Tyrer’s EP cover. She’s a best friend of mine and there is something so special about creating work and being creative with a friend.

I can see from your instagram there’s a fair amount of travelling involved as a fashion photographer, what advice have you got about shooting on location?

Shooting on location is my favourite. Mainly because I love natural light but because you can easily create a story on location. It can be full of surprises though so my advice is to always be prepared for changes and thinking on your feet for a plan B.

How do you stay inspired as a photographer?

My inspiration comes from so many things. Fashion collections, movies, books, music. Even memories, stories, friends, family. Literally the list goes on. But when I’m going through a creative block I like to location scout. This helps me spark ideas.

What piece of kit could you not do without?

My Pentax 67ii and my light meter.

Have you got any good tips about working with models?

Take time to chat to them and make them feel comfortable in front of the lens. You want to create trust so you can capture their true essence.

What advice would you give your younger self?

Assist more, learn as much as you can and work very very hard. And stop comparing your work to others.

Who inspires you?

My Grandad. He was a phenomenal man who would achieve anything he set out to do. Which shows me if you want anything enough you can make it happen.

What’s next for you?

I have a few personal projects I’m excited to work on more this year. One is about my hometown where I grew up. My parents don’t live there anymore but I love going back and seeing things haven’t changed much since I went to school.

Have you ever needed to make an insurance claim?

Luckily not, but I know I’m in good hands with you guys if I need to.

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