AOP Photography Awards 2021

We are very proud to have served the photography industry since 1986. We’ve witnessed the seismic changes in the image making industry over the years and constantly adapt our products and services accordingly to how the industry, technology and life evolve. Supporting the AOP (Association of Photographers) is very important to us. Our mission to …

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Your photography team – who is and isn’t covered?

There is often some confusion around whether subcontractors are covered under Photographers’ Liability Insurances.  First of all, we need to consider that there are two types of subcontractors; labour only subcontractors, and bona-fide subcontractors.  Labour only subcontractors These people are considered to be working under a contract of work. These would be such people as …

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Everything you need to know about insuring props, sets & wardrobe

Some photographers mistakenly think that because Public Liability covers damage to third party property, it includes Props, Sets & Wardrobe (P, S & W).  Be warned, this is not the case.   When P, S & W are in your possession and under your care, custody and control they are excluded from Public Liability policies.   Insuring …

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Photographic kit & insurance. Leave it and lose it.

We insure thousands of photographers, and handle hundreds of photographic claims every year. We have never witnessed the volume of theft claims as we did in the last year. In particular, we’re seeing a huge rise in theft from vehicles. Who knows why this trend is happening. Perhaps the pandemic pushes criminals that bit further. …

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Everything you need to know about insuring hired equipment

Calling all photographers and production companies! Did you know? When hiring equipment from a hire company, you are responsible for insuring said equipment. That insurance must include 13 weeks ‘Loss of Hire’ cover, which compensates the hire company for lost income should the equipment be unavailable for hire due to loss or damage whilst in …

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How much is enough? Everything you need to know about Public Liability

Did you know that public liability is usually triggered by negligence. A Tom & Jerry style slip on a banana peel? Falling on a wet surface? A cup of tea knocked over a client’s laptop? These could all result in a claim.   Public liability protects businesses of all sizes, across all industries. It covers any …

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Post pandemic cover

With a reported 99% of photography businesses affected by Covid-19, our industry has been hugely hit. We understand the uncertainty, fear and frustration felt by photographers. During the course of the last two years many photographers thought it prudent to reduce their insurance cover on their equipment and/or their liabilities. Clearly this made sense as …

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Covid-19 cover for photographers and production companies

We are often asked by photographers and production companies whether there is any cover for Covid-19 under photographic or media production policies. Currently there is no cover available in the insurance market for cancellation or abandonment of a shoot as a result of Covid-19.  However, the employers and public liability sections do not exclude Covid-19. …

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Stunts and special extras in film and advertising production

Insurance for film and advertising production will cover the basics of; injuries on set, equipment damage, copyright claims, and any car operated for the production. There is, however, a whole range of special policies you may need to add onto your short term or annual insurance policy to keep your production covered.   These special policies …

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The low down: the absolute essential cover to keep your advertising or film production safe

Things rarely go exactly to plan in shoots. Equipment breaks, people get hurt and shoots get delayed. There are so many reasons producers obtain film or advertising production insurance – it protects everything and everyone involved in your production from liability up to a specified amount of money.  Each insurance policy is unique, tailored to …

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I've been dealing with Williamson Carson for over 20 years having been introduced to them through the Association of Photographers of which I'm a member. When I've had a claim, however complex, it has been dealt with quickly and efficiently and they very much work for you. They really understand the industry and just happen to be a great bunch of people to deal with.

– Larry Bray

Tom Carson & Williamson Carson have been my insurance brokers for over 15 years. The advice and cover they provides is both comprehensive and realistic. Tom's many years insuring the photographic and film industry means he is never fazed when I throw him last minute curve balls on shoots & on the 2 occasions I have needed my insurance it was dealt with swiftly & professionally. I highly recommend Tom and his team.

– Katy Niker, Burnham Niker