The rise of the Christmas advert

Christmas adverts have become a proper event. No longer do big brands roll out generic festive content; Christmas adverts have become a seriously cinematic experience, taking on average around one year to make and requiring multi-million pound budgets.  John Lewis can definitely take the credit for starting off the Christmas ad competition between big brands. …

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How to get seen in the world of advertising production

With so many different avenues available to budding filmmakers and directors trying to get noticed in the world of advertising it can be daunting knowing where to start. Here’s our run down of the effective ways of being seen if you’re in the world of advertising production. It’s worth noting that these principles are the …

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How to get into advertising production

If you’re a filmmaker aspiring to get into advertising there are many different routes in. Here are some options to consider:  Direct to brands  The need for branded content is growing all the time in our increasingly digital world. Branded content includes filmed content and advertising and is used across multiple platforms.   Getting your foot …

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How to break into filmmaking

The world of filmmaking is changing and there is no longer one sure way of establishing a career in the industry. But the good news is that there is plenty you can do to improve your chances.  Here are 10 ways you can break into the film industry: Do your homework  Before you do anything …

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Top tips and strange requests, a conversation with Williamson Carson’s Matt Whinney

What led you to be a director at Williamson Carson? Having worked in a City insurance company for the best part of a decade, the time had come to do something different. I wasn’t one for climbing the corporate ladder, which was the direction my career seemed to be heading.  As an underwriter, I saw …

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Nirvana: the case for professional indemnity insurance

While lawyers have said that Spencer Elden, the naked baby on the cover of Nirvana‘s ‘Nevermind’ album, is likely to have his lawsuit dismissed, the case for ​​professional indemnity insurance has never been stronger. Whether or not the lawsuit is successful, this case shows how easy it is for a third party to bring an …

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Peter Hince on discovering his passion for photography with Queen

Peter Hince is a London based photographer and writer. Extensively photographing the music industry in the 1970s and 80s, Peter is an industry icon with clients ranging from Braun and British Airways to Jaguar and Virgin. Peter also worked closely with the British rock band Queen, publishing a memoir on his time with the band, …

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Joel James Devlin: Elevating the everyday

Joel James Devlin is a UK photographer whose work has been published in the National Geographic, Esquire, GQ Magazine and British Journal of Photography. With years of commercial experience, Joel has worked with some of the UK’s most high profile design groups, magazines and advertising agencies including Altitude Films, Connect Advertising and Cult LDN. A …

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See the world around you differently: international photographer Matt Mawson on capturing daily life

Matt Mawson is an international photographer, working between London, Phoenix Arizona and México City. He started photography assisting high end London fashion and still life photographers, before moving into documentary and reportage photography. He’s contributed to a number of European press agencies, covering many of the world’s conflicts in Asia, Africa and Eastern Europe. There’s …

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In conversation with award winning Long Time Dead Productions

Long Time Dead Productions was started by actors and writers Katie Glaister and Sam Landon during the first wave of Covid-19. Affected by the sudden closure of the film and theatre industry, but inspired to keep doing what they loved, they decided to create their own production company. Launching a crowdfunding campaign to help finance …

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I've been dealing with Williamson Carson for over 20 years having been introduced to them through the Association of Photographers of which I'm a member. When I've had a claim, however complex, it has been dealt with quickly and efficiently and they very much work for you. They really understand the industry and just happen to be a great bunch of people to deal with.

– Larry Bray

Tom Carson & Williamson Carson have been my insurance brokers for over 15 years. The advice and cover they provides is both comprehensive and realistic. Tom's many years insuring the photographic and film industry means he is never fazed when I throw him last minute curve balls on shoots & on the 2 occasions I have needed my insurance it was dealt with swiftly & professionally. I highly recommend Tom and his team.

– Katy Niker, Burnham Niker