What is ‘old for new’ insurance?

A short but extremely important phase – we all know how important it is that your photographic kit is working efficiently at all times. In order to replace obsolete or out of date equipment with the latest, state of the art models, make sure you insure your photographic equipment on a new for old basis.  …

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Why would a production company need employers’ liability?  

There is often much confusion about why, as a production company with few permanent staff, you might ever need employers’ liability insurance. We are here to guide you through this, because getting these details right can save you time, money and crucially, keep your business running smoothly.   Production Assistants and labour only sub contractors Production …

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What is ALL RISKS photography insurance?

Details are everything with insurance! We care about getting the right cover for you, so today we’ll explain what ‘All risks’ photography insurance actually means.  Simply put, an All risks policy provides broad cover – for any loss, damage or destruction, unless specifically excluded.    The alternative to All risks policy is the more traditional ‘specified …

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Helping you get it right: The big differences between Production Insurance and Professional Indemnity Insurance

We pride ourselves on helping you to get exactly the right cover for your needs, and avoid unnecessary stress. We find that there is often some confusion between Professional Indemnity and Production Insurance. We’re going to explain just how different they are.  Professional Indemnity insurance Professional indemnity Insurance covers you and your employees (whether they …

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Ten ways to weave TikTok into your marketing

From reading our previous blog post, you will understand the ways TikTok can potentially help your business, and know that short form video is the fastest growing marketing format. So today we’ll take a deep dive into ten ways you can weave TikTok into your marketing activities, making best use of those opportunities the platform …

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Can TikTok really help my business?

As one of the most popular social media channels globally, we all know about TikTok’s appeal, but do you know how to use it to help your business? It should not be overlooked as a marketing tool. The platform experiences rapid growth (with over one billion active users monthly) representing a highly effective platform for …

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What are the key ingredients of a viral campaign?

We all understand how important video content is to engage with your audience. We also understand just how eye watering the budgets of high quality, high impact advertising can be. Viral campaigns are undoubtedly the holy grail, allowing brands or organisations to better market their products by reaching consumers that ordinarily would not be targeted …

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Marketing yourself as a photographer – don’t forget word of mouth

We recently mentioned the importance of marketing yourself as a photographer and creative. This is even more crucial now we’re in the midst of a cost of living crisis – any marketing activity goes a lot further when there’s less noise.   As we all know, with marketing there’s a range of activities available to you …

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Cost of living crisis & the photography industry

The cost-of-living crisis began in 2021 when essential goods started to increase in price faster than average household incomes, resulting in a fall in real income. A combination of the pandemic, Brexit, the war in Ukraine, rising taxes and inflation were the perfect storm for the crisis to take hold. Other than Brexit, those economic …

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Travelling abroad as a photographer

Last time we touched on the need for photographers to adapt and diversify as a result of the pandemic. This has led many photographers to new directions and specialisms. You only need to scroll through your social media feed to see that weddings are very much back on the agenda for social photographers, but as travel …

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I've been dealing with Williamson Carson for over 20 years having been introduced to them through the Association of Photographers of which I'm a member. When I've had a claim, however complex, it has been dealt with quickly and efficiently and they very much work for you. They really understand the industry and just happen to be a great bunch of people to deal with.

– Larry Bray

Tom Carson & Williamson Carson have been my insurance brokers for over 15 years. The advice and cover they provides is both comprehensive and realistic. Tom's many years insuring the photographic and film industry means he is never fazed when I throw him last minute curve balls on shoots & on the 2 occasions I have needed my insurance it was dealt with swiftly & professionally. I highly recommend Tom and his team.

– Katy Niker, Burnham Niker