With a reported 99% of photography businesses affected by Covid-19, our industry has been hugely hit. We understand the uncertainty, fear and frustration felt by photographers.

During the course of the last two years many photographers thought it prudent to reduce their insurance cover on their equipment and/or their liabilities. Clearly this made sense as photographers could not leave their home or carry out location shoots. However with the pandemic easing and shoots taking place again, it is important for photographers to remember to reinstate covers they might have reduced.

Here’s a quick reminder of some basic types of cover to consider: 

Public liability insurance is required by studios and locations. 

Employers liability insurance is a legal requirement for any assistants, models and volunteers you employ. 

Equipment insurance covers all your kit. If you restricted cover to premises-only during the pandemic, you should reinstate that cover when you are out shooting again.

It’s also worth bearing in mind that between shortages, supply issues and inflation, the cost of equipment may have increased. So, we advise you to revalue your equipment and produce a new schedule of equipment, to avoid the risk of under insurance in the event of a claim or loss.

Professional indemnity covers the cost of legal fees when it’s alleged that a client has suffered a financial loss as a result of a contractor’s error, omission or negligence. Essentially it protects you when things go wrong. Claims can be made years after work has been completed, so it’s a cover you certainly need to keep.

Let’s get back on our feet safely and avoid further mishaps as the world opens up again.


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