One question production companies must ask themselves is whether to opt for one-off Short term production insurance or Annual production insurance cover. 

The Answer really depends on your situation and how many productions you manage each year.  For producers who might shoot one of two projects a year, or may not know how many productions they’ll manage at the time of securing cover, we can insure each production in isolation. For those production companies working throughout the year, or at least taking on more than two productions each year, it is often better value for you to have annual cover in place. It’s also worth highlighting that in most cases premiums are a lot higher in the long run if insuring each production separately. Discounts of up to 30% can apply to annual productions policies.

Other considerations for production companies are; 

High risk productions

If your production includes stunt work, animals, pyrotechnics, drones, underwater shoots, unusual vehicles or weapons these will not be covered under a standard policy and as such need to be discussed with your insurers. Please note that coverage for high risk productions is not guaranteed and will always need discussion in advance. Allow yourself sufficient leeway to organise insurance as it can be more challenging if left a few days before production is due to commence. In some instances, we can work with insurers to find an acceptable middle ground as to what they can and cannot cover.

Health & Safety regulations

We all know that robust health and safety is essential to a smooth shoot. But did you know that not adhering to Health & Safety regulations could actually mean your insurance policy becomes invalid? Make sure you’re aware of what your regulations are, in order to stay protected at all times. Any shoot not within the confines of a studio would normally need a thorough and well thought through risk assessment.


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