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Williamson Carson supports LPA Futures competition

Here at Williamson Carson we’ve been serving the photography community since 1986. It’s incredibly important to us that we give back to the industry, to our community. As an industry we’ve faced many challenges over the years, we understand all too well how important it is to support each other through the ups and the …

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How does Public Liability differ from Professional Indemnity insurance?

In last month’s interview with Williamson Carson’s Director Matt Whinney, he explained that there is often confusion around Public Liability and Professional Indemnity insurance. The truth is these products couldn’t be more different.  We want to avoid anyone lacking the right cover should the worst happen. Here we will explain what they’re all about and why …

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Q&A with Williamson Carson’s Matt Whinney 

We caught up with Williamson Carson Director Matt Whinney to hear his insights on industry trends and pitfalls, and a very unusual request.  How long has Williamson Carson been serving the photography industry?  Just 37 years now – and counting. The industry has evolved dramatically during that time, how do you ensure you keep up …

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Insurance & your photography team; the low down

Assistants, runners, freelancers, permanent staff, we all know there’s a wide range of people working in the image making world. When it comes to a photographers’ liability insurance, exactly who is and isn’t covered?  The terminology around staffing can be quite confusing, we are here to clear up any misunderstanding. For insurance purposes, people working …

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Insurance for Production and Photographic Shoots in the USA

If you’re planning a photographic shoot or production that will take place in the US, we’ve put together some frequently asked questions which will help you be well prepared and keep your business running smoothly.  If you have a production or shoot in the USA (or Canada for that matter), it is worth remembering that …

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Cast insurance for production companies – an important consideration

What happens when a cast member is too ill to shoot? Under the cast insurance section of your production insurance policy, it’s crucial to establish who is responsible for non-appearance of essential personnel on a shoot. If an advertising agency is involved, or if you’re working to an APA contract, the advertising agency or client …

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What is ‘old for new’ insurance?

A short but extremely important phase – we all know how important it is that your photographic kit is working efficiently at all times. In order to replace obsolete or out of date equipment with the latest, state of the art models, make sure you insure your photographic equipment on a new for old basis.  …

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Why would a production company need employers’ liability?  

There is often much confusion about why, as a production company with few permanent staff, you might ever need employers’ liability insurance. We are here to guide you through this, because getting these details right can save you time, money and crucially, keep your business running smoothly.   Production Assistants and labour only sub contractors Production …

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What is ALL RISKS photography insurance?

Details are everything with insurance! We care about getting the right cover for you, so today we’ll explain what ‘All risks’ photography insurance actually means.  Simply put, an All risks policy provides broad cover – for any loss, damage or destruction, unless specifically excluded.    The alternative to All risks policy is the more traditional ‘specified …

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Helping you get it right: The big differences between Production Insurance and Professional Indemnity Insurance

We pride ourselves on helping you to get exactly the right cover for your needs, and avoid unnecessary stress. We find that there is often some confusion between Professional Indemnity and Production Insurance. We’re going to explain just how different they are.  Professional Indemnity insurance Professional indemnity Insurance covers you and your employees (whether they …

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I've been dealing with Williamson Carson for over 20 years having been introduced to them through the Association of Photographers of which I'm a member. When I've had a claim, however complex, it has been dealt with quickly and efficiently and they very much work for you. They really understand the industry and just happen to be a great bunch of people to deal with.

– Larry Bray

Tom Carson & Williamson Carson have been my insurance brokers for over 15 years. The advice and cover they provides is both comprehensive and realistic. Tom's many years insuring the photographic and film industry means he is never fazed when I throw him last minute curve balls on shoots & on the 2 occasions I have needed my insurance it was dealt with swiftly & professionally. I highly recommend Tom and his team.

– Katy Niker, Burnham Niker