From reading our previous blog post, you will understand the ways TikTok can potentially help your business, and know that short form video is the fastest growing marketing format. So today we’ll take a deep dive into ten ways you can weave TikTok into your marketing activities, making best use of those opportunities the platform has to offer. 

  • Use your existing content (as long as it’s relevant and on brand). We understand that creating brand new video content may send some people into a blind panic, but do remember that unlike other social media platforms, content will show up in TikTok for months, meaning that what content you do have will go a lot further. 
  • Stay on brand. When creating new videos think about your key messages, your look & feel, and find a way of creating video content that works for you and your brand. Yes this takes some thought, and perhaps getting out of your comfort zone, but give it a try, for the sake of your business. 
  • Enhance your content. Once you’ve created a video, you can edit it further, add text, stickers, filters and voice overs, as well as including captions and tags, before posting or scheduling it. 
  • Crack your content strategy. The most successful, engaging videos are interactive (polls, games, augmented reality), funny and original. The challenge is to create content which does that AND is on brand. 
  • Three second rule: Aim to engage your audience within the first three seconds if you want your video to be shared. 
  • Short-form, relatable content is favoured over large-scale, heavily produced videos. The more relatable the better. Duration should be between four seconds and ten minutes (an increase from the previous maximum length of 3 minutes before February 2022). 
  • Consider your hashtags carefully – select the most relevant five (and no more than five) hashtags. TikTok has a finely tuned algorithm which is very different from other platforms, it excels at matching people with their exact interests. Creating a hashtag that conveys who you are and what you offer, that your audience loves is invaluable; it helps to boost views, followers and engagement.
  • Creating a hashtag challenge is a popular and effective way to create a viral hashtag.  
  • Influencer marketing is the number one top marketing trend in 2022, collaborating with TikTok influencers can seriously boost your presence and widen your audience.  
  • Brands can opt for a business account rather than personal, in order to access advanced business tools such as analytics, the ‘Workspace’ advertising tool, activity & support tool plus the commercial music library. 

Goodluck with adding TikTok to your marketing activities. As a relatively new social media platform, it is not yet saturated. Now is the time to get on board with it, don’t be the last person in your industry to jump on board. 

A final note about insurance. We advise all those working professionally in the creative industries to be fully protected with Professional Indemnity insurance.  Not only does it cover you from cases of negligence but also breaches of intellectual property, copyright infringement and breaches of confidentiality.


We hope this is useful information. Williamson Carson are experts in insurance and passionate about supporting the creative industries. Contact us now if you’d like discuss Professional Indemnity insurance or other kinds of cover for your business.