Things rarely go exactly to plan in shoots. Equipment breaks, people get hurt and shoots get delayed. There are so many reasons producers obtain film or advertising production insurance – it protects everything and everyone involved in your production from liability up to a specified amount of money. 

Each insurance policy is unique, tailored to your exact needs. Most policies cover the basics of injury and damage, cars and copyright but will also need to cover the specific requirements of the shoot, so policies for every production differ hugely.   The intention is always the same: to protect the producer if anything goes wrong before, during and after filming. 

You should secure a policy at the very beginning of pre-production and maintain it until all post-production activities have been completed. 

The amount of cover required varies enormously, depending on the size of your production, location you’re using and what the filming or photography will involve. 

We understand that the language around insurance can be confusing, and you might be left wondering if you really are adequately covered. We’re going to break down the basic types of cover you must not forget, for those working in the world of advertising, film and production. 

Film equipment insurance

From technical equipment, cameras to set designs, this policy simply protects your essential film production equipment.  

Short term production insurance

This covers you for a single production. This is for producers who might shoot one or two projects each year. 

Annual production insurance. If you’re a production company working throughout the year, this will be the right policy for you.  

Professional indemnity (known as Errors and Omissions insurance in the US) 

A professional indemnity policy is designed to protect against any errors & omissions that may be made, and includes extensions that are very important for creative professionals, such as breach of Infringement of intellectual property rights including copyright infringement, or any misappropriation of musical compositions, graphic material, or artwork.

Public liability Public liability insurance for film and TV industry workers protects you if you are blamed for injury to a person or damage to their belongings. Every production, whether in the UK or abroad, needs proof of Public Liability insurance in order to get permission to film or carry out commercial photography. 

Workers compensation

Covers medical expenses, lost wages, and rehabilitation costs for cast and crew who are injured on set. 

Speciality add ons. This might include stunt work, animals, pyrotechnics, drones, underwater shoots, unusual vehicles or weapons.

Don’t forget that health and safety is essential to a smooth shoot. Not adhering to Health & Safety regulations could mean your insurance policy becomes invalid. 

Next time we’ll go further into more specific add ons you may need such as stunts, animals and underwater shoots.  

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