Last time we touched on the need for photographers to adapt and diversify as a result of the pandemic. This has led many photographers to new directions and specialisms. You only need to scroll through your social media feed to see that weddings are very much back on the agenda for social photographers, but as travel restrictions lift, there are many more opportunities for shooting abroad once again. 

If you’re looking for a change in direction that takes you overseas, or have an idea for a personal project that requires being abroad or perhaps you’re planning a trip and looking for ways to incorporate some photography into your trip, here’s our overview of some of the best photography careers that involve foreign travel: 

  • Photojournalism 

This avenue tends to be covering an event, issue, subject or location that tells a story that will be published. The work is similar to travel photography, apart from the fact that it’s usually commissioned, by a newspaper, magazine, NGO or online publication. Photojournalists are very often journalists who are able to write a supporting story. 

  • Travel photography 

This route involves working for brands, organisations and titles that require photographic content. You’ll need a portfolio of work from trips abroad to use as a starting point. It requires a lot of organisation as you’ll need to look for job opportunities, be on top of the marketing, research, producing the content, managing projects and organising your accounts.  

  • Sports photography 

Whether you work freelance or in-house at a sports club or publication, sports photographers cover the major championships and tournaments that take place throughout the year across the globe. It can be a great way of combining travel with a keen interest in the sporting world if you have a steady nerve; you’ll need to capture the action during a game – at speed, and also the behind the scenes of the players. 

  • Destination wedding photography

This can be a dream job if you are passionate about both landscapes and portraiture.  Make sure you’re able to keep cool under pressure – you don’t get a second chance at the perfect shot. You’ll need to remain utterly professional, being able to shoot in any environment, in any weather, with many variables, whilst making your wedding guests completely at ease in order to get the best results.   

  • Travel blogger 

This undoubtedly takes time and patience but if you’re savvy and business minded, you can turn your travel blog into a career. This option is open to everyone, many journalists choose this path but photographers have a huge advantage and can choose an image-led approach to the blog. Once you’ve grown your following you can monetise your blog through advertising or affiliate income, but to begin with it’s important to focus on creating stunning content. 

  • Influencers

Love them or hate them, influencers are certainly a feature of life nowadays. Whether you become an influencer yourself as a photographer, or provide images for an influencer, a key ingredient for all influencers is having beautiful, original photography and travelling certainly serves the need to keep producing fresh content.  

  • Holiday photographer 

Whether that’s for a beach or ski resort or cruise ship, this may not represent the best paid work, but holiday photography is a great way of earning a wage while travelling to some seriously beautiful destinations. This kind of work tends to be seasonal so you’ll move around too. You’ll be working with people all day, so make sure you’ve honed your social skills. 

As with any specialism, finding your niche and producing original, beautiful work is always key no matter which area you’re trying to break into, as is maintaining an online portfolio.  

It’s also vital that you understand your insurance requirements when working abroad. We love to take the worry out of getting the right cover, whether that’s for your equipment, your team or your travel arrangements. Our worldwide cover and ‘all-risks’ insurance means everything is still covered while you’re travelling, resulting in no big financial changes or an increased budget. If you do need to add cover or ask us anything, we’re always on the end of the phone to help.


We hope this is useful information. Williamson Carson are experts in insurance and passionate about supporting the creative industries. Contact us now if you’d like discuss securing insurance for your business.