The USA, Production Insurance and Employers’ Liability.

In this post, our managing director, Tom Carson explores some of the considerations when undertaking a photographic shoot or production shot in the USA. In particular Tom addresses some of the issues regarding employers’ liability  or what the Americans refer to as Workers Compensation Insurance.

Workers Compensation, the UK equivalent of Employers’ Liability for USA productions

If you employ on your American production/shoot, an American National, then you will be required to take out the American equivalent of Employers’ Liability (workman’s compensation) to satisfy local law. If you are employing an US national you will not be able to cover them on a British employers liability insurance policy, you will be required to take out an Americans workman’s compensation policy locally. It is the same for productions/shoots in Canada using Canadian Nationals.

But is it that simple?

In short, no, it is not that simple. In order to legally employ an American National on your production/shoot, you are required to have a US Federal ID Number. Being a British company or producer, unless you have a US subsidiary company you are very unlikely to have a US Federal ID number. Assuming that you do not have an US Federal ID number, it would be wise for you to source an American producer or facility company to employ any Americans on your shoot and who can then subsequently organise the necessary workman’s compensation cover.

Alternatively, you could employ a payroll company to facilitate the employment of American personnel on the shoot. Part of their service is to provide workman’s compensation cover.

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