We understand that productions vary wildly, whether you’re producing adverts, television programmes or film, there are always many moving parts. The one common feature is the motivation to get the job done without a hitch. 

Juggling equipment, cast, crew and locations often leads to challenges along the way. Having robust production insurance in place offers peace of mind so you can get on with the job in hand. 

Film or advertising production insurance protects everything and everyone involved in your production before, during and after filming up to a specified amount of money. Most policies cover you for injury, damage and copyright but you need to speak to your insurers about the requirements of your specific shoot as your policy should be tailored to your exact needs.  

So what are the main risks for production companies?

Film equipment

On a busy shoot it’s understandable that equipment can get broken, lost or stolen.  Film equipment insurance covers all essential film production equipment, from cameras, stands, lighting, cables and digital assets to ensure the smooth running of your shoot. You can tailor your policy to cover both hired or owned equipment. 

Cast and Crew 

Every production needs Public liability insurance in place in order to get permission to film or carry out commercial photography. This covers you if a person is injured or belongings are damaged on set.  

You will also need to secure Employers’ liability cover  which covers legal and compensation expenses should a member of your cast or crew are injured on set or experience work-related illness. 

Intellectual property 

It’s important to protect yourself from any errors & omissions that may be made by your production company. Professional Indemnity cover protects you from breach of infringement of intellectual property rights, including copyright infringement, misappropriation of musical compositions, graphic materials or artwork is widely deemed crucial for creative professionals.  

What about timing? 

It’s important to secure a policy at the very start of pre-production and keep it in place until all post-production activities have been completed.  

How much cover do I need? 

How long is a piece of string! The amount of cover required varies hugely, depending on the size of your production, the cast and location you’re using and what the production involves. There is no one size fits all, so speak to your insurer about all these details. 

We hope this is useful information. Next time we’ll talk about whether to opt for short term insurance or annual production cover and what else your production company might need to consider. 


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