What is an All Risks Photography Insurance policy?

An ‘All Risks’ Photography policy covers ANY ‘loss, damage or destruction’ unless specifically excluded. Under a traditional ‘specified perils’ policy your equipment is ONLY covered for specified perils such as fire, theft, flood etc. Your claim must fall under a specified peril to be covered by the policy. 

Why is it important that your photography insurance is All Risks?

Under an ‘All Risks’ policy ANY damage or loss to your camera is covered, except the short list of exclusions such as vermin damage or general wear and tear. Under an All Risks photography insurance policy you have peace of mind your photographic equipment is covered for damage such as accidental damage, water damage and even accidental loss.

When and where is your equipment insured under an All Risks photography insurance policy?

Whilst this may not always be the case, if you have purchased an All Risks photographic insurance policy with a leading insurer, your equipment should be covered not only in your studio and home, but anywhere in the world unless otherwise stated. If your current photography insurance is not All Risks, it may not be covered outside of the studio or home at certain times. It’s far more likely your equipment will be damaged or stolen outside of your business premises. That’s why it’s extremely important to check this!

How do I know if my photography insurance provides All Risks cover?

  1. If the policy clearly states any loss or damage is covered, it is normally an All Risks policy
  2. If the policy, under the ‘what is covered’ section lists perils, such as fire, theft, it is NOT an all risks policy and will only cover the listed perils
  3. The policy should clearly state the geographical limits. Ensure the policy states that cover is ‘worldwide’ or ‘anywhere in the UK’ as minimum.
  4. Look out for the words ‘business premises’. If cover is restricted to ‘business premises only’ it is not what we would deem as All Risks

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