Whatever your specialism, you’ll need to think about what kind of insurance you need for the type of work you deliver. Do you work as part of a team, do you have a studio, what equipment do you use? 

If you’re a fashion photographer, do you need to travel regularly? Is your equipment covered when you’re abroad? Do you require medical insurance for your models? Much to consider. 

First of all, it’s important to look at your business. It’s a good idea to work out how much you can afford to pay for insurance (yearly or monthly), versus how much you can afford to pay if you had to replace your equipment. This broadly indicates your budget to allocate for insurance.  

Once you’ve worked out your budget, it’s time to find an insurance company that can provide exactly what you need, at the right price. Look at whether the company offers benefits relevant to your needs; whether they’re customer focussed, corporate or local to you, consider what they offer that’s different from the rest. Make sure you don’t end up with additional cover that you don’t need, as a rule of thumb bespoke packages work out better for you as you only spend what you absolutely need. 

We advise photographers to choose companies who offer flexible solutions, for example if your jobs vary in size it could be wise to opt for a cheaper, annual cover that can be adjusted as and when bigger jobs come in, which is a more affordable solution than paying a high annual premium or paying as you go for each job. 

It’s also really useful to talk to your peers about which companies they use. You’ll soon learn which to offer a positive experience and those to avoid. 

Here at Williamson Carson we pride ourselves on our customer service. We answer the phone ourselves, (we hate automated voicemail systems) so that we can listen to exactly what our clients need, we only ever create bespoke packages, and never sell you anything more than you really need.  This way, we can provide you with all the cover you need at the lowest possible price. We also deal with claims ourselves so that if you do need help with that side of things, you have one of our team there to help every step of the way. 


We hope this is useful advice. Williamson Carson are experts in insurance and passionate about supporting the creative industries. Discover how we can help protect you from risk, with bespoke cover for your industry. Contact us now. Read more insights and interviews by Williamson Carson.