There is often much confusion about why, as a production company with few permanent staff, you might ever need employers’ liability insurance. We are here to guide you through this, because getting these details right can save you time, money and crucially, keep your business running smoothly.  

Production Assistants and labour only sub contractors

Production assistants and labour only sub contractors are usually considered employers of the shoot or production and would be covered under your employers’ liability. If assistants and labour only sub contractors are injured as a result of your negligence as a production company, you would be covered by employers’ liability insurance. 

Production freelancers 

If your shoot or production uses freelancers such as stylists, hair & make up artists or set dressers, they are considered  bona-fide subcontractors to the shoot/production, as they are charging a fee under a contract for employment for their professional services and expertise. 

As such, they should have their own liability policies in place. It is however, your responsibility as the production company, to check they do indeed have the necessary insurance.

The definition of an ’employee’ is very broad under UK legislation. As a result, we believe all production companies should ensure they maintain employers’ liability. Employers’ liability is included as standard under our studio and kit insurance packages, annual production insurance packages and one off production insurance packages.


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